Phil Schroder

Group VP of Audience Development - Brand and Buzz

June 11, 2014, Phil was a client of Chris’


Chris and his team at Impact Marketing are a top-notch group that get results. When we weren't getting results from other vendors, we called Chris, and his team helped us bridge the transisition without missing a beat. They are selling so many orders I am actually having to slow them down, which is never a bad thing in our business. His orders are always high-quality, and we are happy with the relationship that we have established.

         Christie & Steve Learn

Circulation Professional

July 12, 2013, Chris worked with Christie & Steve in the same group


Chris is a top professional in his field and I can highly recommend him. He is maybe the leading authority in the area of Sunday select programs in the country. 
He is accomplished in several areas and if growing your market is important I suggest you put his team to work for you. 
When you use his company you get his expertise in several areas not just telemarketing. 
He is a hard working family man that will exceed your expectations.

         Shannon S. Hance

Executive Assistant

October 31, 2012, Shannon S. was a client of Chris’


Chris can sell, period. I could stop with that sentence, but to elaborate, the orders that he brings our company are very accurate with an unprecedented low rate of charge-backs. He negotiates a fair price for services rendered and has produced excellent results for our company. Week after week I am impressed with the number and quality of sales he and his staff have brought us. I am 110% pleased with his work for us and would highly recommend his services.


Mollie Purcell

Sales and Marketing Manager, Kansas-Colorado GateHouse Media

April 27, 2012, Mollie was a client of Chris’


I have been working with Chris for quite some time now. His company calls for our five newspapers and we have wonderful results. We have never had a single issue with do not call problems and never taken a complaint call about his telemarketing services. He is very easy to work with and we are very satisfied.

         Dave Wood

Circulation Director at The Times (Ottawa, IL) / The Small Newspaper Group

March 23, 2012, Dave was a client of Chris’


I would highly recommmend Chris. He has meet every level of expectation I have. In addition, he has given me feed back on the results and has even offered suggestions regarding offers etc. He and his staff are very professional and bring great results.

         Gary Wamsley

Circulation Director at Midland Daily News

March 23, 2012, Gary was a client of Chris’


Chris has done a great job for our company. Good quality orders in a timely manner. Any issues or concerns are handled professionally.

         Donald E. Lovelace Jr.

VP Circulation Lakeway Publishers, Inc.

March 22, 2012, Donald E. was a client of Chris’


Chris has made it easy for me to make my circulation goals. His well trained and professional team are easy to work with. Chris also understands that service not just sales are the key to success.



Christopher Hassfeld

Sales at American Express

December 7, 2011, Christopher reported directly to Chris


Chris was my manager during a six month internship while attending Chico State. Combining a two week sales training course and direct management throughout my tenure; Chris set-up the foundation for my career in sales following graduation. I still remember the fundamentals Chris instilled in his team in regards to sales tactics and the correct way to manage prospects/clients. He ensured everyone enjoyed coming to work by providing pizza parties, spiffs, cash prizes etc. I highly recommend Chris as a manager, mentor and friend.


Michael Miller

CEO at VP Services

September 14, 2011, Michael was a client of Chris’


I would highly reccomend Chris' company for high quality telemarketing.



Jerry Byrne

Independent Newspapers Professional

August 20, 2011, Jerry was a client of Chris’


Having retired January 11, 2006, after 45 years working in Circulation, in every capacity, I am pleased to recommend Chris Howell and his fine organization Impact Marketing. In all those years, working with dozens of Telemarketing firms, I've never found a better, more professional organization dedicated to securing new subscriptions with the best retention possible. His staff is mostly University of California at Chico (CA) students pursuing higher education,and are highly trained and motivated. He is responsive and has always been there for me and reached needed goals. He is innovative and has the integrity and honesty we all seek in firms providing us with this valuable service. You're welcome to call me direct for further information -- 916-475-6695, Jerry G. Byrne





Rachel Katz

Fixer of nonprofit systems and culture. Finance, Tech, People.

August 13, 2011, Rachel worked with Chris but at different companies


Chris has been an incredibly generous supporter of Mosaic. His donations of autographed guitars will be some of the centerpieces of our upcoming benefit auction. He has provided plenty of information and photographs that makes my job easy. He has been a pleasure to work with.


         Steven (Skip) Culton, Jr.

NorCal Call Center Manager at Chico Enterprise-Record

August 12, 2011, Steven (Skip) reported directly to Chris


Chris Howell is a detail-oriented professional who watches the spreadsheets like a hawk without losing site of strategic objectives, or the importance of business relationships. His hands-on management and corresponding sales-training are second to none. Chris also strives to make his employees feel at home, appreciated and rewarded for their outstanding performance. In today's every changing economy, I would highly recommend Chris Howell and his company (Impact Marketing) to generate positive influx in any business or sales environment.

Steve Culton
Chico Enterprise-Record Advertising & Recruitment Specialist

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